Sunday, October 17, 2010

America has become one huge Indian reservation

In 1987, Means ran for nomination of President of the United States under the Libertarian Party and attracted considerable support within the party. On December 20, 2007, Means announced the withdrawal by a small group of Lakota Sioux from all treaties with the United States government.

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I am 1/4 Cherokee and I have always said "We will know when racism is over when there is a red man (or woman) in the White House." I was raised with some of the traditional values and my grandfather never held a public job but for 2 years he worked at the ship yard during WWII. He fished, trapped furs,made moonshine and farmed. It was his joy to leave the house summer or winter for 'the river swamp' along the Ogeechee to do his work.On a good autumn day he would return in the evening with his game and his gallon water jug full of muscadine grapes for us children! It sickens me when blacks get on their eternal soapbox and grouse about racism and how badly they were treated!Native Americans were treated so much worse! When forced on the terrible Trail of Tears, they could not even stop to bury their dead properly, so as they passed them by, they softly sang "Amazing Grace". Knowing in their hearts that someday they would walk the saced circle once again when they cross over the heavens. And according to Hopi prophecy it may not be long before the Great Father will once again destroy what man has done to our Earth Mother and we will begin anew!I am old and I hope to see that day. When I used to grt to visit where his family escaped from in the mountains a part of my soul felt as though I had come home, strangely, my daughter feels the same. Sadly, I have gone there my last time, my husband is ill with COPD and cannot make the trip. 40 years ago last sunday,October 16th 1971,It was beautiful. The leaves were in splendorous color. My husband waded in the creek behind the motel and later woke up feeling feverish. I had to look for aspirin for him. I had gone to sleep earlier while he watched a football game, so much honeymooning going on! LOL So our marriage was finally consumated as the sun rose over the beautiful mountain in front of where we were staying.It was in the Owl Motel in Cherokee and I will always have beautiful memories in my heart.

George Carlin speaking on the topic "Indians"

"Now the Indians...I call them Indians because that's what they are. They're Indians. There's nothing wrong with the word Indian.
First of all, it's important to know that the word Indian does not derive from Columbus mistakenly believing he had reached ' India .' India was not even called by that name in 1492; it was known as Hindustan. More likely, the word Indian comes from Columbus 's description of the people he found here. He was an Italian, and did not speak or write very good Spanish, so in his written accounts he called the Indians, 'Una gente in Dios.' A people in God. In God. In Dios. Indians. It's a perfectly noble and respectable word.
As far as calling them 'Americans' is concerned, do I even have to point out what an insult this is? ----- We steal their hemisphere, kill twenty or so million of them, destroy five hundred separate cultures, herd the survivors onto the worst land we can find, and now we want to name them after ourselves? It's appalling.
Haven't we done enough damage? Do we have to further degrade them by tagging them with the repulsive name of their conquerors? You know, you'd think it would be a fairly simple thing to come over to this continent, commit genocide, eliminate the forests, dam up the rivers, build our malls and massage parlors, sell our blenders and whoopee cushions, poison ourselves with chemicals, and let it go at that.... But no! We have to compound the insult.'...
I'm glad the Indians have gambling casinos now. It makes me happy that dimwitted white people are losing their rent money to the Indians. Maybe the Indians will get lucky and win their country back. Probably wouldn't want it. Look at what we did to it."